Biography of Alphadi, the founder

Alphadi, born in Timbuktu, Mali, fashion designer and founding President of the African Federation of Couture (sewing) since 1994, in the continuity of Chris SEYDOUX, and also, founding President of the International Festival of African Fashion – FIMA, launched in Niger, in the desert of Tiguidit. Since this event, Alphadi is called “Magician of the desert”.

After university studies in tourism and marketing, Alphadi decides to devote himself to his passion: Fashion

He joined the Chardon Savard Atelier in Paris

He is invited by the greatest fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Paco Rabanne

But still the African soul reflects in his creations

Its originality lies in the alliance between Niger’s almost thousand-year-old legacy and a daring styling of western lines and shapes.

Alphadi is honored by the French Haute Couture Federation with the Oscar of the best African stylist

Spain awards him the gold medal of quality

Niger, the Golden scissors

Togo, the Palme d’Or

Ivory Coast, platinum scissors

South Africa, Kora fashion Award

Cameroon, prize of the best creation

The Netherlands, Prince Claus Foundation Award

The United States, price of the fight against AIDS

Morocco, price of intellectual property

Mali appoints him Ambassador for Ali Farka Touré Foundation for Music

Alphadi is also ambassador against sickle cell disease in Africa

In 2001, Alphadi was elevated to the rank of Knight of the Order of Merit by President Jacques CHIRAC

In 2011, in Niger, his country, President TANJA named him Commander of Arts and Letters

In 2016, UNESCO names Alphadi Artist for Peace, this is the first time a Fashion Designer receives this nomination