The International Festival of African Fashion (FIMA in french) was created by Alphadi, back in 1998 in Niger, in the desert of Tiguidit; to present and promote the artwork of African creators to the world of arts so that these creators get the place they deserve in the fashion sphere.


From November 21st to 24th

FIMA 2018


Magician of the desert

Alphadi, born in Timbuktu, Mali, fashion designer and founding President of the African Federation of Couture (sewing) since 1994, in the continuity of Chris SEYDOUX, and also, founding President of the International Festival of African Fashion – FIMA, launched in Niger, in the desert of Tiguidit.

After university studies in tourism and marketing, Alphadi decides to devote himself to his passion: Fashion

He joined the Chardon Savard Atelier in Paris

He is invited by the greatest fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Paco Rabanne…

Schedule of the 11th Edition

International Festival of African Fashion
  • 1st day

  • 2nd day

  • 3rd day

  • 4th Night

Before the festival

In the context of South-South cooperation, FIMA has created a synergy between CASA MODA Fashion School and the School of Fashion and Arts from Niamey. This coalition aims to discover new talents, in particular, thanks to the TOP model competition which will take place in Marrakech, the young designers contest to be held in Casablanca and the big Top Model competition that brings together more than 30 African countries that will take place at Marrakesh.


Gate of Africa

Founded in 1884, the city of Dakhla is the perfect marriage of the sea and the desert. It represented the first fishing counter for the Spanish presence in the Sahara. It is located on the golf of the same name. It is 600 km south of the city of Laayoune.